The effect the artist’s paintings will have on the audience may be formulated as “neither more nor less”. While these are thought of as an indication that everything was used in their suitable places in the works, if it catches its “audience” – each piece of work gives birth to its audience and the opposite is also true.  Thus, an efficient and effective communication arises between the audience and the works of Tuğba Hacısüleymanoğlu.

Spending your time seeking for symbols, thinking on these and the wings, eyes, pieces that emerge as a result of that… But in any case it is a search for freedom. It is up to the audience where to find direction afterwards. It should not be forgotten: You do not learn something about life, you simply “remember” it. May be what the audience needs to do would be to remember tomorrow, by gazing at the wings of a bird or into the eyes of a woman.


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Artist, Founder of Soul’n Art and Artrio, b. 1987, İstanbul, Turkey

Member of Besiktas Municipality Culture&Arts Board – 2017

Education : 2005 – 2010  Bilkent University, Faculty of Business Administration, BA&Finance Ankara , Turkey


Seminars – Short Courses

2016    The Glass Furnace, Kiln Casting with Petr STACHO, İstanbul , Turkey

2016    University of the Arts London – Central Saint Martins, Mixed Media Painting, London, UK

2015    İstanbul Modern , The History of Modern and Contemporary Art


Solo Exhibitions

2016   Urban Angel, Soul’n Art İstanbul, Turkey

2016   The Women Inside Me, Lucca İstanbul, Turkey

2014   Solo Exhibition, Nikol Galata İstanbul, Turkey


Group Exhibitions

2017   “Femme et Femminite”, Art Exhibition, Sofitel Luxembourg, Luxembourg

2017   “alphabetic” Photography Exhibition, Soul’n Art İstanbul, Turkey

2016   The Art Calls-Contemporary Art Exhibition, ApoDec Thessaloniki, Greece

2016   Dress Your Wall, Artstone 3.Design Biennial İstanbul, Turkey

2015   Proggresive, Türker Art Gallery İstanbul, Turkey

2015   State of Materials III, Armaggan Art and Design Gallery İstanbul, Turkey

2014   The Launch of Ekolojik Kadın Köyü, Cemal Reşit Rey İstanbul, Turkey